Le duo dentelle urne et album photo mariage naissance


The duo of the bride.

Traditional album photo set and coordinated wedding hatbox

Your guestbook
Covered with linen and an ivory or white lace from Calais

Your ballot box

Customized to your guestbook

Hat box Round and hat dressed in outer and inner fabric. And a pretty lace will be placed

Inside its removable tray with slot.

During the ceremony the guestbook and the round urn are complementary.


30 cm in diameter may vary from 1 to 2 cm
Height 16 cm with its hat not counting its handle.

After the wedding you will be able to preserve with love all the memories of your marriage.

It will be very decorative in your interior

Capacity a hundred cards or letters

Your traditional guestbook

Covered with Calais fabric and lace
Hard binding
Interior sewn
Accessorized with a pretty glass tassel


album photo
26 x 35 cm

60 pages ivory

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